19 July 2022

Ekapa awarded a Golden Banner award by the GSSA for exceptional services rendered in the field of genealogical research.

The Dutoitspan cemetery is Kimberley’s oldest official cemetery and a significant part of the city’s remarkable and rich history. The ongoing project initiated by Ekapa in 2017 to restore and maintain the cemetery demonstrates the company’s dedication to honouring the past and preserving the city’s history.

The Genealogical Society of South Africa (GSSA) highlights the international importance of preserving cemeteries and graves for genealogical research. Therefore, the GSSA awarded Ekapa a Golden Banner award in March 2020 in recognition of the exceptional service to the GSSA by the management of Ekapa and all those involved in the project to rehabilitate the Dutoitspan cemetery.

Neels Coertse, a representative of the GSSA, visited Ekapa and the Dutoitspan cemetery on Thursday, 17 March 2022 to officially present the Golden Banner award to Howard Marsden. Coertse thanked Ekapa for their dedication to the project and for their role in preserving the genealogical history of the Dutoitspan cemetery.

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